Kentucky County Courthouses

I started my project of Kentucky Courthouses before I found the book by John W. Carpenter you see above. This is an interesting book from the photographs and the information on the different architecture that was used in Kentucky. I hope to be able to get to all of these counties before some of the buildings are torn down.

As Mr. Carpenter states in his book, "Even though our state has only 120 counties, Kenton and Campbell counties each have two county seats." I have already captured all four of these courthouses currently.

You will be able to see the count of the courthouses from the Gallery as the only photos I will add in that category will be the courthouse from each county.

Kentucky has started building Judicial Centers (sometimes called a Justice Center in some counties) and this is a further concern for the old courthouses that are still standing and may no longer be around with us. I have begun to capture these centers when in that county while I am photographing the existing old courthouse. They are in their own category on the Gallery site.